But… I don’t wanna be happy…

sadrockBeing happy… or living joyfully, or being empowered instead of being a victim is a choice. When you’re in the midst of a really stressful, drama-filled, frustrating situation, how can you CHOOSE to be happy?!?!

I mean – sometimes you don’t just want to get over it because dammit, that situation really pisses you off… how can you just get over it and “be happy?!?” Pfffft.

But – consider this… The energy you bring to a situation has the power – THE POWER – to change the situation.

Think about it. If you bring frustrated, drama-filled, stressful energy to a situation it perpetuates the drama, the frustration, and the stress… am I right?

This is not to say that you should – nor is it possible to – move through life as if blissfully unaware, and uncaring about what is going on around you… this is more to say – mind the energy you’re bringing to the party.

You can choose to gossip… you can choose to speculate… you can choose to be adamantly right… you can choose to be defiant… and – we’ve all made those choices in situations, yes? (YES.)

Or – you can choose to realize that, you don’t know exactly what the other person is thinking… you don’t know what the outcome is going to be… and you don’t fully know every single detail of the entire circumstance… so you can change how you will approach the situation.

Deciding that you’re going to bring good energy to a situation has the power to change, sway, and guide the outcome of the situation – so does bringing crappy energy – but the beauty is – you get to choose.

So – what’ll it be?!?

Discipline Has Power

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.49.44 PM“Discipline” has connotations of rigidity… Or – of someone who is rather stiff, and uptight…

But really, discipline is the path to empowerment… Discipline = building the life you say you want to have.

Are you willing to take the actions necessary to have the life you say you want?

That is a really powerful question, yes?

I mean – we all say we want to lose weight… and we all say we want to be healthier… and we all say we want to achieve that really big thing…

But when it comes down to brass tacks – are you willing to sacrifice, to not give in to what’s comfortable, to not put it off for tomorrow, to not succumb to peer pressure?

Are you willing to not eat the pizza, to dig in and workout even when you make 15 excuses why you can’t, to not veg out in front of the TV when you should be working on a piece of that big goal?

Discipline is taking consistent action so that you can get where you want to go. And, lack of discipline leads to – not only NOT getting where you want to go – but a lower self-worth.

Because – if you’re not taking the actions to get where you want to go, what ARE you doing? Vegging out, eating pizza, not working out… and if you do enough of blowing the big, juicy, important things off, eventually, you realize you’re still right where you don’t want to be, and your self-esteem plummets because you didn’t stick to your plan.

So. You have a choice. What’s it going to be? Discipline/Empowerment? Yeah – that’s what I thought… You GOT this…

**Photo Credit – That’s me at Crossfit Elation doing singles because I can’t do double unders. Man I hate double unders – because I can’t do them… but – that’s me – workin’ it… because I say I want to be able to do them… so discipline, here we go! Thanks Coach Sue for capturing my oh-so-eloquent game face… ;)

Own Your Accomplishments

RxdSo… the other night at Crossfit, I Rx’d the workout for the first time – ever. It means I did the workout EXACTLY as prescribed – or – exactly as written; with the prescribed amount of weight, and that I did all the movements without modification.

For me personally – this is a big damn deal. It’s something I’ve been working to achieve.

So – when I achieved this big damn deal, what did I do?

Immediately down-played it. I acted like it was no big deal. Not that I wanted to be running around the box freakin’ the freak out actin’ a fool… but – acting like it wasn’t a big deal? WTF?? At least give myself some credit – at least allow myself a minute to be like – YEAH! ROCK ON!!! But nope! I smiled, and then immediately looked at the floor and walked over to my water… and more important to notice – I pushed any sort of inner celebration down and brushed it off… WHAT?!?

Why do we do this?? Especially us women?

What do you do when a friend accomplishes something awesome? You cheer for her, right? You acknowledge it, tell her how awesome she is – and you probably feel genuine joy and excitement for her.

Why do we not allow ourselves to do this for ourselves?

I suspect this happens for several of reasons:

– We’re taught not to “show off…”
– We’re taught not to be “better than anyone else…”
– We’re taught it’s not “nice” to brag..
– It’s drilled into us that we won’t be liked, we’ll be seen as a bitch, we’ll be seen as holier-than-thou if God Forbid we should ever think highly of ourselves…
– And for some of us… when we’ve expressed excitement over an accomplishment, we’ve been shot down, put down, down played, and victims of other people’s misery, insecurities, and bad behavior…

You deserve recognition. You deserve self-love for your results. You deserve to surround yourself with people who love, support, and cheer you on.

Accomplishing something is a big damn deal. You work hard. You go for a goal. You start from a spot you want to move forward from, you move forward, you see results, and dang it – that’s worth acknowledging… hell – that’s worth shoutin’ about!

Don’t Worry… You’re being judged…

Acceptance2Yep. You read that right. We’re all being judged.

Sometimes harshly.

Part of your work in this world is to let that shit go.

We’re all guilty of it… we size each other up; we speculate about others’ situation; we gossip; we think we know exactly why you’re acting like that; we wonder why the hell you’re acting like that…

We judge because we’re so damn insecure with ourselves… judging others is a way to make ourselves feel better; more superior; to numb bad feelings about ourselves…

But. The judgement has WAY more to do with the judger than the judgee.

You cannot avoid being judged. And, most likely, you will continue to judge… It will happen.

You might as well live the way you want to live and not worry about what anyone else thinks… they’ll get over it.

This is YOUR Journey

runner-journeyFitness is a personal journey… not a comparative one…

You need to do what feels empowering to YOU – what makes YOU feel strong, energized, on fire… The point of getting stronger is to… well – get stronger – but not just on the outside. The real point is to get strong on the inside. To conquer fears. To chalk up wins for YOU – not to chalk up wins because you’re showing someone up, or are better than someone else…

There is always going to be someone faster than you; stronger than you; further along in the journey than you… You – need to focus on – YOU.

What makes you feel empowered? What makes you feel like a badass? What makes you feel strong, energized, unstoppable?

You need to figure that out and then focus on those things.

Not sure what that is?

Sure you are… you get hints and inklings and whispers from the Universe all the time…

What stops you from trying those things, or going for those things is only you… it’s fear… of the unknown, of not knowing how to do something, of not knowing what to expect, of looking silly… the fears are many. How to conquer them?

Start. Do it. Go for it. Simple… but not always easy.

The minute you step out into the unknown and take a step toward what’s calling to you – you will feel instant inner-power. Everything shifts. Everything.