Meet Jenn

Hi! I’m Jenn…

These days, I’m a Yogini, a Catalyst, and a Warrior – but I wasn’t always… I’m here to show you how easy and awesome it is to live healthy, energized and empowered.

IMG_0590This is me circa 2008. When this photo was taken, I was chronically depressed, had almost ZERO self-confidence, ate 80% processed foods, felt foggy, lethargic – and pissed off that I just couldn’t get my life where I wanted it to be, and super frustrated that I didn’t even know how to start.

Long story short – I came back to yoga when I was 70 pounds overweight, chronically depressed, and, not at all living the way I wanted to be.Headshot

Yoga helped me save my life. That over there to the right is me today… I’ve been on this journey since 2009. I want to show you how to be empowered. Yoga is a great vehicle for that… I’m living proof.

I have a fiery passion for showing people how amazing they are, and how awesome it is to own who you are, live from an empowered center, and rock life out.

I offer help, support, empowerment, and bad-assery daily online – come hang out with me!

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You’ll also find a variety of Blended Yoga videos here on the site and over at Vimeo. Be warned – this is me, in my home office, my kitchen, my backyard, or sometimes in the space where I teach… these are nothing formal – it’s usually just what I’m inspired to teach in the moment… sometimes my awesome Schnauzer, Rex, the husband, or my daughter, Maddie even make an appearance. I really hope these videos help you in some way – regardless of the setting, or who walks into the shot :)

My Credentials (the official stuff…)

These days, Blended Yoga is my side-gig :) I’m doing this part-time now. In January of 2013, I had the honor of taking the position as the Executive Director of the Coatesville Senior Center. I do still teach, but it’s part-time. See the classes page for information about when I’ll be teaching next…

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the YogaLife Institute in Devon, PA.

I’m passionate about anatomy and the brain/body connection, and how what we do in our body affects our emotional and mental state. As a result, I study with Tom Myers, and Leslie Kaminoff.

I studied Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini for 2 years, and I’m a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

I’m excited to be in 5 episodes of Sadie’s TV Show, Rock Your Yoga, on the Veria Living Network. You really have to check out the show (not just for me ;) ). It’s some great yoga!

I’m a Yin Yoga Teacher – Thank you Corina Benner of Wake Up Yoga for the most fantastic, informative, amazing Yin Teacher Training.

To see what clients and class participants have to say about my work and my classes, click here.

Life is more than just yoga… (right?!?)

Here’s some fun facts about me – we probably have some things in common!

– I’m a Buddhist. I follow the Shambhala Buddhist path. I’m a member of Susan Piver’s Open Heart Sangha, as well as the West 970432_10201447998782982_507894535_nChester Shambhala Meditation Group.

– I’m a mom to a fantastic 13 year old. She’s a 7th grader, an Irish Dancer, a violinist, and she’s starting in her first year of Color Guard with the Steel City Color Guard here in Coatesville, PA.

– I’ve been married to my husband, Drew, for 15 years.

– I have the best Schnauzer in the world, Rex.

– I’m a runner. I just started running again this past May… and, I never thought I’d be a “distance” runner – but I ran my first half in September, and, it was HARD (thank you humidity…), but I can’t wait to do it again!

– I’m passionate about the community I live in, Coatesville PA. I’m an active member of the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce, I’m on the Coatesville Youth Initiative’s Festive 5K Committee, I’m an active member of the Rotary Club of Coatesville, and, I rally, support, get excited about, and just generally have a blast doing all sorts of things around Coatesville.

– My secret Dream Career is Rock Star… or wait… no… Stunt Woman!

– I sew. I make soap. I’m an aromatherapist. I’m a Reiki Master. I love haunted places.

– Oh… and also – I’m a total Whovian. If you too, are a Whovian, for the love of God (!) e-mail me and let me know what you think of 12!! 10 is still my favorite… 11 grew on me and I loved him… but I’m quickly developing a thing for 12… and yes… I do know 9. And 4 is my favorite of the classics…

Your turn!

I would LOVE to hear more about you. Drop me a line and tell me a little about yourself, what inspired you to drop by, and any questions you might have. Seriously – inquiring minds want to know…