Meet Jenn

I’m a Warrior, a Badass Princess, a Catalyst, an Empower-er and also a Mom, a Wife, and a Ninja… not always at the same time…

I am passionate about catalyzing change, and showing you just how powerful you really are.

Transformation is possible. Getting unglued from the stickiness of inertia can happen. Becoming empowered is not just possible – but – once you decide to go for what you want; it’s probable.

In 2008, I went through my own empowering transformation – I lost 70 pounds and a long-term chronic depression.

A life you’re on fire about is in reach. Dropping all the bullshit that holds you back – totally do-able. I’m proof.

This blog is my way of helping you know that you’re not alone in your journey…

My Credentials (the official stuff…)

I am a Yoga Teacher. I’ve gone through a 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training with the Yogalife Institute in Devon, PA. I’ve also gone through Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Wake Up Yoga with Corinna Benner, and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Sadie Nardini (I’ve even been in a few episodes of her TV Show, including the Mother/Daughter Episode with my mom and Maddie – what a THRILL!! A dream come true!). I’ve taken and continue to take continuing education workshops – most of which are geared toward the brain/body connection and how we can use Yoga as a facilitator for healing.

All of my Yoga Teacher Training taught me methods, processes, and skills to bring Empowerment and Facilitate healing.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, trained in Classical Usui Reiki. I’m an Empath, and an Intuitive. I take classes regularly to hone and deepen these skills.

I’ve also spent time working in Corporate HR departments have been trained, and have guided folks to develop and master fulfilling Career Paths, helped people navigate transitions, and overcome obstacles to their growth.

And now… some stuff ya may not know just by lookin’ at me ;)

IMG_0590– That’s me in 2008 – right before I began the journey to get my life back…  I thank Yoga for the large part it played in helping me work through all of that…

Moving through that experience helped me develop a Vinyasa Flow Style of yoga called Blended Yoga.

– I’m a mom to a fantastic 14 year old. She’s an 8th grader, an artist, a photographer, and she spins flags, rifles, and sabres with the Steel City Color Guard here in Coatesville, PA. I was in Color Guard in High School – it’s AH-MAZING to share this with her… she loves it just as much as I did.

– In 1999, I married my best friend and Soul Mate, Drew. He’s a barber, he owns a shop and also TeamGivlerBeachteaches the Barbering Program at the Technical College High School – Brandywine Campus.

Rex– I have the best Schnauzer in the world, Rex. He’s a salt and pepper mini… and he’s pretty sure he’s NOT a dog…

– I’m a runner. I LOVE racing – not to win – but to challenge myself… Drew and I ran our first 10K on November 8 – 10K Across the Bay – it was SO much fun! We ran it 9 minutes faster than we thought we could – what a thrill!

– Drew and I are Crossfitters and spend decent amounts of time at Crossfit Elation… wanna try a class? I’ll be your buddy – c’mon down! Nothing like feelin’ like a bad ass during your workout to remind you of your bad-assery the whole day ;)

– I’m on Facebook and would love to get to know you! Just make sure you drop me a line if we don’t IMG_3833yet know each other – I’ve gone ’round with spammers out there, so I like to make sure friend requests are legit :) I also have a Secret group (meaning only members can see it to allow for open, empowering discussions…) full of fabulous people just like you. We support, share, lift each other up and help each other out… Come join us! Drop me a line and let me know you’d like to join.

– I’m a Buddhist. I follow the Shambhala Buddist path.

OMPHInk– I’m inked! I have 3 tattoos (so far ;) ). Inner right wrist: Om Mani Padme Hum – Tibetan for “you already have everything you need inside of you…” This is my life lesson. Just above my left elbow: Tsondru Chuwo – my Shambhala Refuge Name – Tibetan for: Exertion River – or River Pusher… Inner left foot: Dara Knot – a Celtic knot that means Power, Destiny, Wisdom, Strength, Endurance, and Leadership – “you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”

I’d like 1 more tattoo on my right shoulder that will honor all the women in my family.

– Oh… and also – I’m a total Whovian. If you too, are a Whovian, for the love of God (!) e-mail me and let me know what you think of 12!! 10 is still my favorite… 11 grew on me and I ended up loving him… I’m geeking out over 12 – he may surpass 10 as my favorite (don’t tell David Tennant ;) )… and yes… I do know 9. And 4 is my favorite of the classics…

Your turn!

I would LOVE to hear more about you. Drop me a line and tell me a little about yourself, what inspired you to drop by, and any questions you might have. Seriously – inquiring minds want to know…