Relief for a Busy Mom…

It’s 10 PM on a Wednesday evening… after a hectic workday – that included the shocking lay-off of a long-time friend… the kids were picked up from school activities, dinner was done and cleaned up, the house was straightened, and the extra work on a project was finally done… time to relax… *BLAMMO* Nicolas is complaining of not feeling well and is running a fever… so much for an “early” bed time…

Can you Relate??

My client Michele had had it. She was done. Pooped. Drained. Couldn’t take one. more. thing.

She reached out to me for a Shift Session to help her relax and release some of the tension that had been building up. In addition to this particular Wednesday – Michele had been going through A LOT. Life was piling more and more on her… she felt like an implosion was inevitable…

In addition to the yoga we were doing, I felt like she needed a little extra boost…

As luck would have it, along came the exact thing I needed in the form of a new-found friend and a great book: Essential Living – Aromatherapy Recipes for Health & Home by Andrea Butje

I am a LOVER of Aromatherapy – and I was actually certified long ago, in what seems like another life-time. So I was THRILLED – not only for Michele – but for me too!  Andrea not only wrote this awesome, easy-to-use book, but she’s got a fabulous web site – AND some really great online Aromatherapy courses.

I flipped open Andrea’s book to the Emotional Well Being Section and immediately found what I needed for Michele – the Stress Relief Body Spray recipe.

Now, Michele doesn’t exactly live close to me – we’re almost a continent apart (thank you technology!). So, I sent her the recipe and asked her to put it together. At first, she was skeptical – she had never had experience with essential oils and wasn’t even sure she could find what was in the recipe.

One trip to Whole Foods yielded exactly what she needed – for NOT a ton of money.

Michele put the blend together and was amazed that it actually worked… and it worked well! (her words, not mine… :) ).

She felt the yoga was fabulous to help her get still, reconnect and let go of stress and tension… but she also loved having the body spray available during those times when she couldn’t exactly do yoga. She said the spray helped calm her nerves, and was a reminder of the stillness and reconnection she felt during our yoga sessions.

This was Michele’s first experience with Aromatherapy and she said she was purchasing Andrea’s book, for sure. I think we have an Aromatherapy Addict in the making ;)

I am definitely going to be recommending the book to other clients and class participants, and definitely using the recipes in addition to yoga.

As someone that knows Aromatherapy… I LOVE and ADORE this book.

It is now one of my all-time favorites. Seriously. The recipes are simple – the ingredients are easy to find, and it’s written in such a simple, down-to-Earth way – it really pulls you in and makes you feel comfortable with the information immediately.

And – the other thing I found is, the recipes are fantastic on their own, but they also serve as great jumping off points for you to use your own creativity with the oils.

Not only is the book great, Andrea is fabulous too. You can get to know her and hang out with her on Facebook – she shares tons of info and recipes over there. And! She’s engaging and responsive – got a question? She’ll help you out.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Andrea, her book, her website and her engaging spirit. Definitely check her out!

Alright… As promised!! It’s Giveaway Time!

When I sent Andrea my review of her book, she offered to give one away to a selected reader!

And – I’m giving away a Shift Session as well!!

To enter to win your very own signed copy of Essential Living by Andrea Butje – AND – a Shift Session from me follow these 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Leave a comment below – you can ask a question, tell us about your experience with aromatherapy – or just say Hi!

Step 2. Go to Facebook to Andrea’s Aromahead Institute page and you’ll see her post about the giveaway.

Now simply a) “Like” the Aromahead fanpage and b) “Share” that post so others can learn about the book giveaway!

This next step is essential – so don’t forget:

Step 3.  Email Andrea at to confirm that you have shared her post and commented on my blog.

It’s really quite simple… and truly – you WANT this book!! Seriously.The winner will be emailed on January 20th and I will announced the winner on my blog.


A winner has been chosen: Nadine Lyons!!! You are our lucky winner!!

Nadine – please feel free to contact me regarding your Shift Session, and contact Andrea for your copy of Essential Living! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  1. Maria Fernandez says

    I love the oils and the influence that influence that those have in our lives, specially in my kids. I can see how the aromatherapy can help our mind and body to recover, I will love to win your book, thanks

    Maria Fernandez