Super Simple Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

** Remember, with my recipes, I never give exact measurements because I’m not the measuring sort… I put food together according to taste most of the time (unless precise measurement is required). That’s why my recipe writing is a bit… unconventional ;) **

It’s that time of year – when I keep hearing about Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie… I was at a networking event this week, and my friend Patti happened to mention that she had just made one… and she mentioned that it was REALLY easy… she fired off her recipe to me – seemed simple enough – AND – As luck would have it, I got some Rhubarb in my CSA Share this week.

Here’s what I did:Pie

Strawberries (2 to 3 cups)
Rhubarb (1 to 2 cups)
Pre-made Pie Crusts
Sugar – about 1/4 of a cup (maybe a bit more…)
Lemon Juice from a fresh lemon – juice from about 3/4 of the lemon
Cornstarch – 1 to 2 Tablespoons  – depending on how thick you want your filling.

Cut Strawberries in 4ths
Cut Rhubarb in small bits (whatever size ya like, really)
Combine strawberries, rhubarb, sugar and lemon in a bowl. Mix well. Let sit for 30 minutes.
Add cornstarch and stir again. Pour into pie shell – add a crust on top. I added an egg wash and a little sprinkle of sugar on top of my crust… just because.
Bake at 400 for 35 to 40 minutes.

I am in LOVE – LOVE! – with this pie!! It may not be the prettiest pie – but it is delicious!!


Rice Crispy Treats – the healthier version…

IMG_1504I was watching Unwrapped on the Food Network one night and they started talking about Rice Krispie treats… I remember making them as a kid – remember how awesome they were as soon as you poured them into the pan but before they were completely cool? Yeah – I wanted THAT again!

However, I wondered if there was a way to do them healthier… of course there is!

I immediately took to the internet and found a few recipes that met my criteria for: organic, whole ingredients + as few ingredients as possible. Here’s what I came up with:

The basic ingredients:
1 Box Puffed Brown Rice Cereal (easily found in the Organic Section of your grocery store)
1 1/2 of a cup of Brown Rice Syrup (either in the Organic Section, or the international foods section)
3/4 of a cup of Peanut Butter
Cinnamon to taste

The process:

Combine Peanut Butter and Rice Syrup and heat on low/medium until melted – this is going to go quick, so don’t leave it. It took mine about 3 to 4 minutes to melt. Add Cinnamon once everything is melted and stir well.

Pour hot ingredients over Rice Cereal and mix until well combined. Pour into a baking dish (the smaller the dish, the thicker your bars, and the more cooling time you’ll need). Press mixture down with the back of a wooden or plastic spoon. Allow to cool. Serve. Enjoy!


I also attempted this recipe with Chocolate Puffed Rice Cereal – DELISH!!!!! I’ll definitely do that again. Those are what is pictured above…

IMG_1500I made a version substituting maple syrup for the brown rice syrup. Tasted fab – never hardened as it cooled. So basically I had a big bowl of Rice Crispy Treat – but not an actual treat. It’s hard to see in that photo to the left, but that was my big mush of Treat.

You could really do quite a few substitutions – Almond Butter instead of Peanut; add chocolate chips; add nuts of some sort… the recipe is such a nice canvas to build on – there’s a ton you can do. Just make sure if you’re substituting the sweetener (Rice Syrup) you choose something that will harden up nicely – honey might be a good choice.

If you try this recipe, or you try a modification – I’d love to hear about it – leave a comment below.

Rich, Decadant Chocolate Pudding (it’s healthy too ;) ).

Confession – I am a sucker for all things chocolate. Well, actually, I’m a sucker for almost anything sweet… So when I find recipes that are decadent, but are also healthy – Winning!!

This pudding is one of those things. It’s super simple, REALLY Chocolatey, and has uber healthy ingredients that you can’t even taste.


1 Avocado (pitted and without the skin)10002921_718616224846133_4205591525302003478_n
1/4 – 1/2 Cup of Milk (any milk is fine – I use Coconut milk)
About 1/4 Cup of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
1 Tablespoon Ground Flax
Vanilla Extract

Process: Throw everything in a food processor, whir until smooth. Transfer to a bowl – indulge!

Now – I know – Chocolate and AVOCADO?? REALLY??? Yes. Really. You can’t even taste the Avocado – seriously. But, it imparts a creamy smoothness that makes this dessert even more delightful.

That picture is my good friend Coleen’s photo. I ate mine so fast, I didn’t get a shot of it… She tried it, and was obviously able to control herself better than I, so she snapped that lovely photo. Perhaps she will share her recipe with us in the comments below – she did her’s slightly different than mine.

Both of us served this up to our families. It passed the Tween Girl test with flying colors… the boys… meh… they weren’t sold on it. However – I encourage you to make this, don’t tell anyone what’s in it, and see what sort of reaction you get. If you do that – do share in the comments below – I’d love to hear about it!

Spciy Southwest Fries – without the guilt!

This, is Celeriac, or Celery Root. IMG_1495It’s got a bit of an ugly beauty about it, eh? I saw these at the Coatesville Farmer’s Market  last week, and I thought I’d give ‘em a shot.

They also included a great Recipe for Celeriac Fries in their newsletter, so I tried it – with just a little bit of tweaking.

Here is the Recipe I created:


2 Celeriac Roots
About 1/2 cup of Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Southwest Seasoning to tasteIMG_1497

Slice the Celeriac into thin Fry-like slices as seen to the right. Pop ‘em in a bowl. Coat with Olive Oil. Add salt, pepper, seasoning, mix well. Spread them in a single layer onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. Watch them, because once they’re done, they’ll burn fast (don’t ask about that… *ahem*).

These were delicious. They don’t have a very heavy celery flavor… it’s subtle. But that adds a nice background to whatever you’re seasoning it with. I used the Southwest Seasoning, here, but you could really do anything you think might go well with Celery. The original recipe used Cajun Seasoning. I’ll be trying that next because that sounds Divine.

If you try these – let me know what you think!

Post-Yoga Snack: Avocado Toast

photo2I know… Avocado TOAST?? Doesn’t sound uber appealing, does it? However – if you like avocados – it is WONDERFUL!

I just finished teaching a 2 hour workshop – I demo A LOT when I teach – so I am HUNGRY. Avocado Toast was the first thing to pop into my head, and my body said HELL YES!

So – super simple: Choose your favorite bread. Mine at the moment is Food for Life’s Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Whole Grain and Seed Bread.

Toast said bread.

photo1(1) And then, simply spread some ripe avocado on it. Or, if you’re feeling extra spunky, you can check out Wholly Guacamole Minis. One Mini has 100 calories and they are all made with excellent ingredients.

Other post-yoga snacks I adore at the moment include:
– Salsa, Guacamole, and cucumber slices.
– Smoothies with Spinach, berries, and a bit of Greek yogurt.
– Natural Peanut Butter and an Apple.