Core Workout – No Crunches Necessary

Alright, so, I’m not going to lie… I ate a lot of junk last week. A lot. And for that – I felt a little icky. Not only mentally, but I started to feel icky physically too. I needed something that would target my core, and help me feel strong, centered, and fabulous. These classes did the trick!

The Yoga at your Desk Sequence is a quick almost 3 minutes that you can use as a brain break, a mid-afternoon slump buster, or just a little extra oomph for your core.

The classes uses Pyramid, Triangle, and Warrior 2 to work into the core. It’s sweaty, challenging, and invigorating. Oh – and you may or may not get into a little Half-Moon, and Side-Bending Tree Pose – ya know – just for fun!

Yoga at Your Desk

Yoga at Your Desk – Core Work from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.

Triangle-Warrior Core Work 21 Minute Class

Triangle-Warrior Core Workout from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.

Triangle-Warrior Core Work 44 Minute Class

Core Work with Triangle and Warrior from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.


Wringing out the Shoulders, Unwinding the Hips

The idea for this week’s classes came to me while hiking with my mom in Virginia. We were on a trail in the mountains, and this hawk swooped down RIGHT in front of us and landed in a tree. He just sat there and watched us walk… it was so cool.

In true Jenn form – a yoga class idea was born – Eagle Pose with a little Warrior 3 mixed in! You’ll find that in the longer of these classes.

All three of these classes help you wring out shoulder tension and unwind the hips.

For a little wring-out in the middle of your work day, try this sequence you can do right at your desk:

Soulder and Hip Unwind from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.


If you need a longer break, check out this 14 minute flow. It’s a little challenging – but don’t let that stop you. Get that tension out!

Unwind the Hips and Shoulders from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.


And – the longer class this week uses chair, eagle, crescent and warrior 3 to help those hips and shoulders release stress.

Hip-Shoulder Wring Out from Jenn Givler on Vimeo.


Having a Crap-tastic Time? Try This

Alright – so I’m seeing A LOT of people having a crappy day… crappy week… crappy two weeks… There’s a lot of big emotional stuff going on out there.

If you’re one of those people having one of those crap-tastic times – try this exercise and breathe a little space around it. It won’t necessarily “fix” it – but hopefully it’ll bring some relief. Love to you!

Yoga at your desk.

When you’ve been sitting at your desk too long… and you’re feeling compressed, crunched, stressed, and tangled.

These short yoga breaks will help you breathe, expand, unwind, and re-energize.

Click here for videos you can do right in your desk chair – choose from Hip Stretches, Side Stretches, Shoulder Stretches, and Quick Meditations. No one will ever know you’re doing yoga ;)

Yoga at Your Desk – Twists

Is your back tense? Are you feeling bloated from a big meal? Twists can help!

Sitting all day long in one position isn’t doing anyone any favors. Your shoulders get tense, your posture slouches, your hips are tight, and your back tightens up as well.

Twists can help alleviate some of that tension – not to mention, they are excellent to aid in digestion (especially after office birthday parties, or big lunches).

Let’s Work It Out

1. Seated Twist – Come slightly forward in your chair. Sit nice and tall. Take your left hand to your right knee and turn your shoulders to the right as you reach your right hand for the back of your chair for support. Take 3 to 5 deep breaths here, then, switch sides.

2. Chair Pose Twist – Come to a standing position, feet hip width apart, toes pointing forward. Bring awareness to the bottoms of your feet, and make sure you have a stable foundation. Put your weight into your heels and bend the knees as if you’re about to sit in your chair. Keep the torso tall.

Bring the left hand to the right knee, turning the shoulders as far to the right as you can – you should feel a stretch through your back, and you should feel your legs working. Keep your knees and hips aligned. Take a few breaths here, come back to the center and fold forward.

Take a few breaths in the forward fold, and then repeat Chair Pose Twist on the other side.