Wow. Does that word feel heavy.

I am totally not a fan of commitment – amazing I’ve been with the hubs for 13 years… just kidding!

The kind of commitment I’m talking about here is the kind that makes you feel stuck HAVING to do something. The kind that feels confining and oppressive.

Doesn’t exercise feel like that sometimes?

Last week I told you how I hadn’t been seeing results in my progress – and I was fighting a very stubborn plateau. And I made a commitment to honor myself & listen to my body… well, that sentiment quickly turned into a staunch, and rigid set of rules, to which my quirky, independent, Aquarian mind rebelled against.

I started out all gung-ho at the end of last week – rarin’ to go, watching everything I ate, exercising like a fiend… and then, oh, about Tuesday – I started dreading the workouts, craving fries, and talking myself into all sorts of non-honoring behavior.

I was having a discussion with myself this morning. And I asked – why am I pushing so hard to create this very specific vision of myself? I honestly don’t even know if I can achieve that very specific vision… I have no idea how my genetics will play into things, and honestly, I really don’t know if I’m in a place where I can possibly make any more changes in my lifestyle (meaning, absolutely NO eating out, NO sweets, etc…).

I don’t want to be so incredibly rigid that I feel like I can’t enjoy life at all.

So I asked myself this morning – what would it (my body, my exercise routine…) look like if I wasn’t being so rigid and so attached to looking a certain way?

And the answer was: Exercise would be fun again. And, I’ll just BET – I would easily, effortlessly break through this plateau.

Here’s to Exercise Being F-U-N!

This coming week, I’m going to be easy with myself – not rigid, not locked into or hell-bent on doing certain routines. I’m going to go with the flow.

This doesn’t mean I want to be all pizza, chocolate cake and no exercise at all… it just means, I want to be as kind and open to myself as I would to clients and friends who would ask for the same advice… did ya ever notice how we’re so much harder on ourselves than the people in our lives?