What are you missing?

How often during your day do you find yourself frantically moving from one task to the next… furiously plowing through a time of transition to get to the next thing?

For example, the commute home… what’s going on in your car while your driving from work, to get home? Are you enjoying some time to yourself… your favorite music… or are you already thinking about everything that needs to get done when you hit the door at home?

How about when you’re making dinner? Are you just furiously plowing through – trying to “just get it done?”

What are you missing when you’re plowing through these transitions?

Recently, a majority of the D. C. Metro Station commuters missed a beautiful performance by a world renowned violinist in their rush to “just get to work…”

This week’s Blend is a simple exercise in paying attention to the transition times in your life… slow down… don’t just try to get to the next thing – see what’s there for you in the in-between times.



  1. says

    Thanks for a great post and reminder to savor the transitions. I could feel myself relax simply listening you to describing how to enjoy the poses. Ahhhhhh! You’re awesome!

  2. says


    You brought to mind the memory of getting divorced…transitioning from a married woman to a single mother…I can’t tell you how many times I had the thought…I know I will make it to the other side…I just don’t want to go through it…and I fought it the whole way…so many years ago…still such a powerful memory…thanks for assisting us with our times of transition…

  3. Jenn says

    You’re welcome Jane… even the not-so-fun transitions are important to go through… and truly – I’m one to talk… who really enjoys going through the tough stuff?

    But I’m finding, that if I stay present, I have more and more opportunities to make the tough stuff just a little bit more spacious – and to really decide who I become on the other side of it…